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cocacolaThe Google logo has certainly earned its place as one of the most iconic logos of all time. It rates up there with Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple. This week, the company revised its logo and launched it to the masses. A lot of
people are talking about it – good and bad – but it’s generating talk, which is always good for business.

nikeHaving been through many logo redesigns as well as the development of others, I can both appreciate and cringe at what was most likely a long, detailed and well-discussed process to arrive at this current iteration.

There is a lot of work that goes into the development or redesign of a logo. First there’s the development/creative brief. Discovering all information, gathering knowledge, and understanding the company and product before any design work begins is critical. After all, for what is perhaps the most visual component of a company, how do you want to be perceived through your branding? It should be well-thought out and developed.apple

Next, you move on the concept. Logos don’t always have to portray exactly what the company does, instead it might focus on a particular value or message. This is where all that initial research about the business really comes into play, as you can develop something that’s unique and relative to the company.

Once you have the initial work done, then you begin to work on the image. A sign of a great logo is its versatility. The logo should be available in both color and mono (black and white) version, but of course color is important. Think psychology – what does the color mean? Or how does the color fit within the industry?

google_logoIt’s not an easy or fast process, and most likely everyone will have an opinion. Sometimes just when you think you have the new logo right, it gets shot down and the work restarts.

Curious to read what others think of the Google logo? Click here for a solid review:  http://thinkprogress.org/culture/2015/09/02/3698025/lovehate-design-experts-debate-the-new-google-logo/