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It’s August. We’ve just completed the Dog Days of Summer and daylight hours are already decreasing. We’re still a good five weeks away from officially beginning fall, but some people are already counting down to Christmas while others are dreading the drop of the thermometer.

This is also a transition time of year. Families are either wrapping up vacations or trying to get in last-minute getaways with the kids. I still live by the academic calendar. My year moves from September to June and then I usually throw in July and August as afterthoughts. In most business worlds, the most common delineation of the year is the company’s fiscal year calendar (or the holiday break/shutdown). For most, however, the year is just a continual, ongoing trek toward the completion of the next project or presentation.

20150808_185923So, as daylight decreases and the projects continue to pile up, how do you keep your momentum?

It’s about balance. Balance is important to ensure you follow through on commitments both at work and at home to achieve your goals. Sometimes you need to set limits so your personal life doesn’t suffer when you’re working overtime to finish a project. Other times, you will need to prioritize your day to manage your tasks so you and your co-workers can go home at a reasonable hour.

It’s about taking time the time to plan and prioritize to achieve a balance. Not every day will require the same amount of preparation. However, if you can prioritize parts of your life, you can build successes on a habit. Then, it helps keep momentum going so you don’t have to work yourself to death. Then you can enjoy the Dog Days of Summer (or at least have the time to look up what it means).