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No need to say it’s been a crazy year. Then this week started with a completely unnecessary gas buying panic here in North Carolina followed by the Governor’s mandate on Friday that we can all stop wearing masks if we’ve been vaccinated (except in certain locales). I’m thrilled about not having to wear masks in so many places but I do know people who are freaking the F out. I honestly hate wearing them, but I know they were necessary – at least for a while, while those with power scrambled to figure out exactly what we needed to do to combat this virus and they could never agree but always said the ‘science’ was leading them. What concerns me most at this point is that so many people incorrectly equate having the vaccine as ‘curing COVID-19.” Not the case at all, certainly with all the mutations and variants criss-crossing our globe.

For those of us not in the power, all we can do is ‘hope’ that those with the ultimate-decision power will do the right thing and not be swayed by politics, money or influence. But, in that, I don’t have much hope. After all, we’re in a world where the movie Forever Purge is being released and in the chaos and uncertainty that ran rampant for the past 14 months along with unchecked rioting, looting and murders during what were to be peaceful protests, these cruel plotlines don’t seem like science fiction anymore. In the meantime, I’m going to go hang out with my friends and get back to my life while I can.