Writing Services

Visit my website at http://www.annstawski.com for more information.

I am an award-winning writer with the highest commitment to the written word. I know what a dangling participle is, who the FANBOYS are and what a split infinitive is – and I’m not afraid to write about them.

I am a dynamic writer, communicator and visionary. My abilities have taken me through all levels of the marketing and communications service area – from a marketing assistant to vice president at a Fortune 500 company. I strive to meet and surpass the needs and objectives of my customers and clients by completing the job better, smarter and more efficiently. I have more than 20 years experience of successfully leading marketing communications teams, managing corporate reputations, and developing strategic programs on both the Agency and Corporate sides of the table. And in my spare time I volunteering with non-profit organizations.

Areas of specialty include:
– Public/community relations    – Social Media  – Business writing
– Magazine, feature and article writing        – Branding
– Reputation Management     – Business Strategy  – Crisis Management

Industries where I have experience:
– Industrial Equipment and Manufacturing  – Fire apparatus and suppression systems
– Medical Diagnostic Equipment  – Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
– Oil, Gas, Electric and On-road Vehicle Engines
– Recreational vehicles (boats, watercraft, waverunners)
– Education  – Computer Software – Animal Health

For more information contact me at ann@annstawski.com



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