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The sight of a downpour or rain shower while the sun flaunts its golden rays would immediately raise the ire of a former associate of mine.raining and sunny

“Why is it raining if it’s sunny outside!” he would cry with a mixture of annoyance and befuddlement. “Pet peeve #1!”

Sunshine during precipitation was one of this man’s top pet peeves. He kept a list of pet peeves.  Anytime he brought up a pet peeve, he’d list its number with it.

The car in front of me turned right from the center lane. Pet Peeve #6

The waiter never refilled my water. Pet peeve #87

The skinny girl keeps complaining she’s fat. Pet peeve #142

The loud talker in the cubicle three rows away is on a rant again. Pet peeve #31

His annoyances were varied in topic and frequent in offerings. I don’t recall him repeating the same number and don’t know if he kept an actual list, but it sure was funny and entertaining for the rest of us when he let loose.

I don’t keep a list of pet peeves, but bad drivers, overbearing perfume or cologne, and rude customer service staff would top the list if I did.

Through the years I’ve been fortunate to work with some good people who had fun souls. Now, whenever I encounter a pet peeve, I think of my former associate and his complete and total aversion to sunshine during precipitation. I do hope there are days he waits out the rain to enjoy the rainbow.