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When I talk about proofing work and fixing typos or grammatical errors, I typically refer to reports, articles or emails. However, proofing isn’t only for traditional writing.

Don’t forget about text messages. Or, more specifically, your voice-to-text messages.

How often do you speak into your Smartphone, see the words pop up and hit send without really thinking about it? I do it all the time. Hands-free is convenient. Plus, we’re in a changing business environment where people expect faster response times with almost no lag time. I know you have your phone with you, so you had better respond ASAP! Texting is rapidly replacing emails and phone calls.

But again, don’t forget to proof your text messages – especially in business. This means content along with technical components.

Recently, a business associate of mine was communicating via text messaging with a vendor to arrange an appointment. Unfortunately for the vendor, he did not proof his voice-to-text message before he hit send, and my associate was surprised to find a juicy expletive-filled sentence in the middle of the message. When my associate asked the vendor to review his text, the vendor was mortified. So much so that he discounted the project he was managing and lost money on the deal. If he had just taken time to review his message, he would not only have saved face but also kept a profit.

So I caution you: slow down. Use voice-to-text, but be sure to read your message carefully before you hit send.