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I have always dreamed of leading a marketing organization that has too many staffers and extra budget to spend – because it’s something I never had and most likely never will. My brother, who is also in marketing, used to flaunt that his website budget for one product in one product line was nearly twice the size of my entire marketing and communications budget. I shut him down quickly when I replied it did not matter because fire trucks were much cooler than paper products.

So even though people loved our products better than his, his words stuck with me. Sure, while I wished for an extravagant (or even respectable) budget, I had something better. I had a strong, smart, marketing team who knew how to achieve results while working in the confines of limited resources.motivate-2

My team did a tremendous job and produced great work that sold products, elevated brand recognition, and made our customers, employees, sales staff, and shareholders happy. We were proud of the work we accomplished.

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Photo credit: Jamie Thompson

I was fortunate in that my employees experienced recognition from success – a simple “That was the best trade show booth we ever had!” comment from one sales rep or “Our customers really responded to the new ad!” from another could elevate a mood. They wanted to continue to receive acknowledgement of good work, so they maintained a high level of performance. Recognition is a great motivator.

How many times have you found yourself working to motivate your employees to do more with less? If you’re in a small department, it’s even more important.

In Jamestown, R.I., I spoke with a leader who understands when you’re faced with challenges of limited resources, knowing how and when to build your team can improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Team building is key to achieving goals and developing staff. Read more here in Treatment Plant Operator magazine to learn how Doug Ouellette motivates his team.  http://www.tpomag.com/editorial/2015/02/doug_ouellette_believes_teamwork_is_all_the_more_important_at_smaller_facil?ref=related_img