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I hate to hear myself recorded. Unfortunately for me, I interview people for articles and have to listen to myself when transcribing notes and information. Cringeworthy!

fragment but when i doOne, I can’t stop hearing my native-Wisconsin nasal tone which comes through loud and clear, especially in contrast when I’m interviewing Southerners. I try to get away from the accent, but the tonal quality is ingrained.

Two, I really need to speak more like I write. Sometimes my sentences are fragments without both the necessary noun and verb.

My only consolation is I’m not alone. If we were to record ourselves speaking, we no doubt discover we speak quite differently than how we write. In composing memos, articles and presentations, we typically construct the work with a beginning, middle, and end. We include supporting subpoints and information. We work toward a logical conclusion that may summarize, reinforce or assign tasks.

sentences-fragments-runons-combining-7-728However, when it comes to our daily speak, we (myself included) don’t always follow the rules of cohesion. How many times have you overheard a group at another table and thought (not just because they’re discussing the Real Housewives of Orange County but rather the way they speak), “wow – they sound stupid!” Maybe it’s their word choice, perhaps their sentence structures, or just the inability to present a concept. No doubt I have been on the receiving end of that comment.

Sometimes the words just do not come out as intelligently as I hoped.

There are also times I thought, “Boy, I wish I could map this conversation to see just how far off base I travelled.” If I were to edit my daily conversations, I would probably remove about 50%, most of which is fluff or unnecessary details.

Effective speechwriters do a great job, which makes the speaker seem exceptional. Each sentence is crafted as coherently and completely as possible. My goal is work on my daily speak – to make the most of the words I choose to use and the content I discuss. And, hopefully, by editing my language as I go, I can be a quieter but more impactful person as well.