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It’s January – time for the New Year’s resolutions and change.

Change affects everything in a business, from improving product offerings to streamlining operations. Just like other departments—from operations to finance to quality assurance—marketing also continues to evolve. In our digital age, marketing products and service is more complicated than ever before.

If you’re still marketing the old-fashioned way and waiting to send information to your customers, your marketing programs may prove less than effective.

Customers no longer wait for you. Engagement starts on the Internet when customers begin their research on your company, your competitors and your products.

roemahentrepreneur puzzle imageNearly 70% of the sales process is complete before a new customer ever contacts a company. This means by the time a customer comes to you, s/he already has hardened expectations. Customers have more control than ever before, and only want to hear from you when they have a need. They can avoid you by hiding behind technology. They can delete your information instantly.

If you wait until you have personal contact with a new customer to begin your marketing process, you may be too late. So how do you get in front and stay there when your customers have the control?

To ensure customers are reading the right content information, your website is ground zero. Consumers read and research, they ask around, and they analyze their needs against key stats and facts. Your marketing has to be focused and your technology flawless, and it must be available when your customer is ready to engage.

Customers look for three things in your marketing content:
1. Does your company have a product or service that meets their need?
2. Can you demonstrate what you do in a way that proves you are worth consideration?
3. Is your company easy to engage?

Customers will continue to drive their buying process deeper into the sales process. As a result, changing and improving your relevant on-line content marketing is more important than ever. How are you changing your marketing mix?


Source: Marketing Sherpa