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My 2014 turned out to be pretty great despite a rocky start clouded with uncertainty. 2015Guided by determination while putting a clamp on procrastination, I turned my focus to writing, teaching and consulting. Because of hard work and practice, my choices appear to be paying off. I wake up happy each day and look forward to the work spread across my desk and the people and students I help. Since it all went so well last year, I believe I’ll try it again in 2015.

Anyone who has ever committed to a writing career – or as a passionate hobby – knows it is hard. Although we wish it, it’s not easy even when you’re good at it. There’s writing, rewriting, editing, critiques, blood, sweat, and tears. People tell you it’s the worst thing they’ve read; people tell you it’s the best thing they’ve read. You develop a thick skin, take another shot at the rewrite and send the work out into the world, hoping those who like it will outnumber those who do not. And while it’s out there you think of two more edits you could have done. It’s all part of the process.

At Fred Minnick's book signing and whiskey tasting in Milwaukee, June 2014

At Fred Minnick’s book signing and whiskey tasting in Milwaukee, June 2014

When a good writer succeeds, I’m thrilled to share the story. I have a personal connection to this NPR feature, as writer Fred Minnick is a former associate of mine whom I like to call a friend. This gentleman possesses a sharp mind and wit. While he cuts his path in the world with his storytelling, he’s also having a bit of fun at the distilleries and whiskey tastings. It’s making me rethink my choice of fiction writing to focus on chocolates and champagne… Anyway, please click on this link, which will lead you to a wonderful NPR segment discussing women leading a whiskey renaissance.

Be prepared: it’s probably been a long time since you’ve heard someone in an ascot sound this good.