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Happy December! It’s hard to believe the last month of the year is already upon us. Where has the time gone? Can you even remember what you’ve accomplished since January?

Some days it feels as if I have done nothing at all, yet other days I feel as if I’ve created the world from scratch.

This week, I had one of those ‘I think I have done nothing days,’ but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. I decided it was time to change up the music on my iPod. My go-to source for musical recommendations is a friend who controls the music during the Green Bay Packers games at Lambeau Field. If anyone has ever attended an NFL game, you understand the critical importance of the musical choices. (Don’t get me started on how lame the ‘cat roar’ sound is at the Carolina Panthers’ stadium. Anyway…). As expected, he supplied a great list and I got busy downloading new songs in between writing projects.

When I went to update my iPod, however, that’s when my day went horribly wrong and long.

itunes_icon blueIt turns out during one of iTunes’ many software updates, the company completely changed the ease and convenience I used to know. The warning bells should have sounded when I noticed the first difference: the color of the iTunes icon. It used to be blue – a nice, calming blue. I soon realized the new icon color was going to be indicative of what I would be seeing once I attempted to transfer music – RED.itunes_icon red

Instead of the old, easy ‘click and drag’ method from my music library to my iPod, which this non-techie person appreciates, there were new levels of syncing required. This forced me to do an Internet search to find out how to accomplish the tasks because the iTunes HELP section was of absolutely no help.

Four hours later, I still didn’t have all the songs I wanted on my iPod. I gave up and unplugged.

grace-water-promoGranted, I’m not in the middle of brain surgery, but when tasks take ten times longer than anticipated, it’s frustrating. I guess things could be worse. My friend was wrapping up a commercial audition when her gel push-up bra sprung a leak. As the congealed liquid dripped through her shirt and onto her shoes, I’m certain her day felt like an eternity.