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There are plenty of time wasters in a normal business day. In addition to all the pertinent work and relevant distractions, there is always something else popping up. Maybe it is the co-worker who wants to show you another cute cat video. Or the co-worker who has pictures of her grandson playing in a little league tournament. Or maybe it is your boss who wants to pick your brain about the vehicle he is looking to purchase for his college-bound daughter. Whatever the case, time wasters are always popping up, butting into the core work you initially planned. It means you have to shuffle your day, your time management and your workload.

How do you manage the time wasters?

Yesterday I spent four hours setting up my new phone. Today I am certain to spend more. The technology is not really difficult, but reloading apps and inputting data is time-consuming. I knew this day was coming, but I still cringe whenever my phone undergoes an upgrade because something that should be simple inevitably takes the longest amount of time. In this round of upgrades, I cannot figure out how to sync my calendar with the calendar option on the phone. The calendar program is there and linked to my email accounts, yet no events appear. I have even turned to the old phone to seek answers for syncing.

It looks like today I am destined to surf the Internet to find answers. It would be great if there were one place that housed the help information. However, my calendar software’s website has efficiently avoided any help information on this particular operating system. Instead, I am certain to find the answer on some obscure message board where someone like me has already stumbled down this road and decided to play the role of Good Samaritan by explaining how the sync was achieved.

These are the days I wish I were back in a large corporation. I really did appreciate the IT department who adeptly handled all the technology so I could focus on my work and minimize time-wasting distractions. When I think about it now, I realize people like me were probably their biggest time distractions.

So, while I surf the net to find a solution to this calendar syncing problem, I think I just saw a link in my inbox of a cute cat playing on a phone.

photo by neffie_photos on photobucket

neffie_photos on photobucket