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It’s no secret – most people don’t like to write. Some people are even afraid of it. Just as I know I will never be great (or even good) at calculus, but if I had to do it for a project, I’d certainly seek out a knowledgeable resource to offset my weakness. Writing is not everyone’s forte, and good writing is hard work. Unfortunately, it seems people are either reluctant to seek out writing help or unsure where to find it. Human Resources departments typically provide training on safety processes or employee engagement or sexual harassment, but sometimes it’s technical skills that actually need attention and don’t receive it.

Is Your Business Writing Ready for an Upgrade?

I once worked with a sales manager who had been on the receiving end of a rather unpleasant reprimand from her vice president. The VP was less than pleased with the level of writing and number of errors from the staff’s weekly reports. The sales manager needed to do something about it. She wanted her team to be better writers because she knew that writing is a reflection of the individual, and lacking strong writing skills would ultimately hinder advancement through the company. If a team member couldn’t write a good report, how could he or she expect to move into an executive role?

business-meeting-materialsTo get the process started, the sales manager shared samples of her team’s reports as well as their background and experience. Problems areas were identified quickly and solutions defined. We needed to increase each team member’s personal confidence and writing knowledge through the application of skills. Most people learn basic grammar skills in middle school, but never really get a chance to perfect or practice them – we’re just expected to know them when we submit an essay, report or presentation at school or work.

It was time to take her team back to basics and remind them that writing isn’t scary. During an interactive meeting, we discussed challenges and fears. Then we explored logical and effective methods for making the use of day-to-day writing more effective and professional. The team members left the session with improved writing skills and increased self-confidence. I also provided them with an simple reference handbook to which they could refer to for questions afterwards. It was a successful employee development workshop and future reports demonstrated fewer errors and stronger levels of writing.

Some days I feel like the lead character from the movie Jerry Maguire when I listen to businesspeople discuss their challenges with writing and communications. Just like the sports agent, I say, “Help me help you!”

So here I am, ready to help. Professional development courses and content in writing can be modified to fit your specific needs, and the number of sessions can be tailored as well. Let me know how I can help you.