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It’s inevitable.  Each spring as the snow-white blanket melts and the brown earth appears, there emerges a layer of garbage that has been well hidden. It collects in the street gutters. It’s packed atop the sewer grates. It floats along the edges of sidewalks.


Arriving home last night, I noticed things had made their way onto my lawn – a soda can of a brand I do not drink and a front page of a newspaper I do not read. The garbage may have blown in during collection day or someone may have purposely tossed it there, but either way it’s time for the clean up to begin.

Looking at what’s materializing from the remnants of winter reminds people aren’t much different. You don’t always see what’s hidden beneath. And most times, we don’t really want to know everything anyway. No one is completely transparent or opaque. There are many gray and fuzzy areas to personalities. It’s part of what makes each of us unique.

But if you were to look down through your own winter blanket of snow and the fuzzy haze of life and really see yourself for you, what kind of garbage would you find? We all have some, there’s no doubt. So when you do see what’s there, are you happy holding on to it? Then, good, you’re set for another year.

But if you’re like me, I’m looking at spring cleaning in a different way this year. Time to clean up my soul, my attitude and my intentions and toss out the negatives. I’m calling it a personal continuous improvement project. Now, where’s my mop and bucket?

mom and bucket 2