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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Miranda, who was blonde haired and blue-eyed and live a very regimented and orderly life as the daughter of two police officers. Miranda grew up in a very secure environment – she was often surrounded by safety officers, detectives and even a constable or two. Miranda became a lovely young woman with a bright smile and a trusting nature.

When the time came for Miranda to go away to a university in another town, her parents were concerned just as any good parents would be. The university was far away and their daughter would be alone without their protection. As they watched her depart, they stood together and waved goodbye. They hoped they did a good job training her to be independent and strong.

At university, Miranda quickly made many new friends and became popular with her classmates. She was known as a nice, quiet and reliable girl with an infectious smile. She also caught the eye of one boy in particular, Chuck, who lived one floor above in her dorm. Felicity, however, was not happy that her boyfriend Chuck seemed to find Miranda so endearing and charming. She began to spread nasty rumors about Miranda and plotted against her.

One night when Miranda was walking alone from the library back to her dorm, a masked mugger jumped out from behind the bushes and stopped her on the path. Miranda swiftly laid out the attacker with a jab-cross-hook and roundabout kick, and then she thoroughly pepper-sprayed the thug.

When campus police arrived, they unmasked the assailant to find a gasping and struggling Felicity. The jealous girl had only intended to frighten Miranda so she would leave university and go home. Felicity was immediately expelled and the tale of Miranda’s bravery soon became known all across the campus.

Miranda’s parents were proud of their daughter’s courage and sent her a stainless steel, engraved pepper-spray holder. In addition, the campus police were so impressed with her quick-thinking actions that they asked Miranda to teach a self-defense class to the student body. And Chuck, a criminal justice major, was so awed with Miranda’s skills, which made her seem even more enchanting than before, asked her to the Homecoming dance.

The End.