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Dr. Stephen Covey has passed away. I have dutifully noted it in my planner.

Fourteen years ago, a company for which I worked sent me to a seminar on the Dr. Stephen Covey process via the FranklinCovey organizer system. At first I was reluctant and hesitant, thinking it all a scam and an attempt to extort money out of me for a spruced up calendar. I was wrong.

Up until that point, my life was a jumble of little calendar books, notes, papers and a general lack of focus. I planned my time as if I were still in school – September through June. I never really paid much attention to July or August.

I remember my first planner – a beautiful forest green leather-bound daily organizer. It became my constant companion, never leaving home without it. After that seminar I became an organized machine, which was extremely useful as I rarely had a free moment in my life between work, relationships, dancing, pageants, volunteering at non-profits, teaching, volleyball and socializing. Suddenly everything I did was located in one place. Even though the days and to-do lists were packed, it was sublime to see everything neatly and orderly laid out for me to follow and check off. When going through my daily tasks, each time I crossed off all my “A”s and moved on the “Bs” and even the “C”s, I got tingley from the excitement of accomplishment. And if I didn’t check them all off, it was okay because tomorrow was another opportunity to succeed!

I have gone through a few binders since then, but still use my trusty (even if it is considered outdated by not being electronic) planner to this day. There is something so soothing about looking at the month and knowing exactly where and when I need to be without worry. Then turning the page and finding a whole new month of opportunities.

Dr. Covey – thank you for helping me to organize me.

– FranklinCovey motivation