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The woman who assisted a child and lifted her to reach the water in the bubbler.

The 13-year-old boy who held on to his aunt’s hand as they walked through a crowded park, as if he were protecting her.

The young man who jumped out of his car to rush to the aid of an elderly woman who had slipped and fallen while climbing over a snow bank at a crosswalk.

The girl with the dark, close-cropped hair who, despite undergoing a radiation treatment the day before, put on a Darth Vadar helmet and used a blue light saber to play-battle her friend who came to visit.

The person who, when engaged in conversation, will give you her full attention and provide you with a feeling of calm and understanding.

The woman who is so very attractive on the outside – olive skin, thick black hair, model white teeth and smile – but pales in comparison to the beauty she exudes through her personality, kind words and actions.

The mother who consoles her daughter during a second place finish by reminding her she is unique and special and destined for a different purpose.

The father who, despite all the challenges of a divorce, a vindictive ex-wife, a full-time career and the rigors of life, excels with and extols a great love for his children.

The elderly widower who sits by himself in church but is always quick to extend a smile and hand for a sign of peace.

The customer service representative who smiles and thanks you for your business immediately after serving an irrational customer.

The young girl or boy who has just finished reading a book for the first time.

We are all beautiful in our own way.