I love this title! Who doesn’t hate bad writers? Reading a poorly constructed sentence, or a novel without a clear plot structure, or characters with tremendous flaws and inconsistencies causes me headaches and heartache. Whenever I come across something in print that doesn’t seem worthy of passing an undergrad creative writing workshop, I wonder how that author’s work was published. How does this happen when plenty of good writers never see their words make it to a bookstore’s shelf?

In my visual design class, one student created a newsletter, entitled “The Writer’s Eye – A place of writers and the chaos that follows.” Her visual layout was included an original logo and well-thought out color scheme.  She presented an excellent project showcasing her creativity and ability to work in InDesign. In the newsletter, she cited an article with the headline “I Hate Writers With a Fiery Passion in My Heart.” This stopped my review of the visual aspects and I dove into the content.

What I loved most about this article – the student did not write it herself – was the article was horrendous! The tone was not overly cheeky or sarcastic. It did not appear the writer was intentionally writing poorly, but trying to make a point to someone named “Ms. Ringle.” The writer’s words justified his own headline with sentences such as, “the fact remains that since man has walked the earth since time immemorial,” “avoid clichés like a plague of ravenous wildebeast [sic],” and  “some of them are just so bad that they’re really not good.”

I must be in a good mood today because I can’t hate this writer. Instead, I’m amused. And being amused is so much better than hating someone with a fiery passion in your heart.