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The health club I attend is situated in the former site of a grocery store in a convenient location. It’s a great club and I love the energy and the amount of available equipment. I also love the fact that the scale doesn’t need to go as far to the right anymore and my clothes are fitting better, but that’s not the point of this (even though I’m happy as hell).

The entrance to the club is on the south side facing a side street and a good-sized parking lot, while the front of the club is along the eastern front, with a wall of windows facing the main highway and a smaller parking area that extends into a much larger lot as you continue north. The gym is located in a large strip mall, so you can imagine there are hundreds of spaces along the main highway.

The cardio area is set up in front of the windows, so no matter if I am on the treadmill, stairstepper or elliptical, I have a great view of the parking area on that side of the building.

Day after day, I am continually amazed at the people who troll through the parking lot, trying to find a spot closest to the door. Just this morning, I saw a women drive around the smaller parking area three times, and when she finally spotted someone sitting in his car, she waited in the aisle for at least three minutes, unaware he had pulled into the spot a minute before she arrived. I could see he was speaking on his phone. When he finally popped out of the car and headed into the club, she had to pull into a spot further down the row.

The other phenomenon I witness is that in the south parking lot, people will create their own, illegal spots at the top of the row and park where bright yellow-orange stripes have been painted diagonally across the ground. Obviously, those are not parking spots. I see this as I walk from the last row where I parked in a spot next to three other vacant spaces.

I’m pretty sure I’m at the health club. The sign on the door tells me so. My workout clothes and yoga mat also confirm I’m there. There are cardio areas, free weights, weight machines, an aerobics room, a pool and plenty of trainers running around in bright orange shirts that read “drop your pants” on the back. So, I’m at the health club. A health club where people are supposed to exercise and put forth that extra physical effort. However, the extra 100 steps one may have to walk to park at the end of a row apparently requires too much exertion for some.  Ah, those 100 steps. Sometimes it’s just too far to drop your pants.