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This past weekend Wisconsin welcomed home its own (and only second in its history) Miss America. There were events, dinners, shows and pep rallies held throughout the state from Kenosha to Green Bay where crowds turned out to cheer on her accomplishments and meet the young woman who is given a national opportunity to affect lives by promoting her own personal platform, along with serving as a spokesperson for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

I had the opportunity to work with Miss America when she was Miss Wisconsin, and interestingly enough when I met her it came on the heels of me writing a book I titled, Finding Miss America. The story is that a local pageant director has cemented in his mind what a Miss America should embody, and then his perception is shattered and altered by the young woman who wins his local and shows him a new way. It seems kind of risky to write on this subject when I work closely with the Miss Wisconsin Organization and I know people will be looking into it closely to try and find resemblances, but I was only inspired by the pageants and am not using any one in particular. Except for my friend Becky, who was the inspiration for Lex Ann Rodgers, the Applewood choreographer from originally from Texas. I expect that with this personal connection to a Miss America, I stand a good chance of getting published.

The opportunity to present an enlightening viewpoint and insight to a program that many people think is outdated and antiquated is essential. I recently read an article in Entertainment Weekly, where in preparing for hosting the Oscars, Bill Crystal was asked if he thinks “the Oscars will ever become as irrelevant as Miss America?” My response is I hope the Oscars become even more irrelevant than Miss America, because what this program does is offer millions in scholarships to young women each year, as well as give them a venue in which to voice and promote their personal platform issues. I think that is extremely more relevant than a bunch of actors receiving golden statues.

So, if you know of an agent who is interested in a good story with topical relevance and strong writing, send him or her my way. Finding Miss America is just waiting to be published!


Me and Laura Kaeppeler, Miss Wisconsin 2011 and Miss America 2012