“You’re just so bon ton!” he gushed, nearly tripping over himself to give her a hug. He looked striking in a well-cut dark blue linen suit, white shirt and leather loafers.  The cut of the suit accentuated his wide shoulders and narrow hips, his hair was dark and sleekly styled and his cologne distinctive.

As he wrapped his long, lean arms around her and held tightly for several moments, she laughed and responded, “Bon ton . . . only you.  And you’re the only one in this place who could get away with saying that.”  They stood inside the entrance to a luxuriant soiree.

He kissed her cheek, quick and hard, before releasing her.  “But honey, anyone who sees you in this outfit, with what you’ve done with your hair, and how you hold yourself as such a G.D. lady, would know that.”  He glanced around quickly, and leaned in conspiratorially, “Anyone with any sense of style, that is.”

She gently touched her coiffure, newly updated and colored, before pressing her hands down along the sides of her expensive black silk shift.  “And again, I say you’re the only one to know it.”  Her cheeks glowed with excitement.  She held onto to one of his hands with both of hers, and walking backwards for a few steps led him deep into the room.  “Come, come have a martini with me.  I am in desperate need of a civilized drink.”

They moved through the throngs of people to the far wall where a bartender stood attentive behind the portable bar.  “Two vodka martinis.  One with a twist, the other with two olives,” she instructed with complete spirits authority.  She swung back around to face him.  “So tell me all about your new home.  Your new friends.  Your new existence!”

He put his arms around her again and hugged her tight. “Oh, honey, you have no idea how wonderful and how awful it is all at the same time.   Everything is right, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s all so wrong.”

She pulled back, looking up at him deeply concerned.  “But I thought it was all going brilliantly.  I had no idea you were unhappy.” The bartender set their drinks down and turned away.

He waved her off and handed her a martini.  “Oh, of course it all is fine.  But I’m there, and all of this,” he gestured around, “all of this is here.” He took a sip of the martini and sighed happily.  “I am so much more happier here.  And with you.”  He lifted the olives out of the drink and popped them into his mouth.

She batted her eyelids and looked demurely at him as she sipped her drink.  “Will you be able to manage?  You won’t stay sad for long, will you? I couldn’t stand it if I knew you were so unhappy away from all this.”

He cupped her chin in his hand and lifted her face up toward his.  “I will stay sane as long as I know all is bon ton here.”  And then he brushed his lips against hers before finishing his martini.